Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's time to start

"It's time to start talking." Buttercup, hopeful that I was talking about food, or at least about giving her a greenie, was very attentive. "Talking to other people besides you," I said. "There are things I want to say." For instance there's an idea from Steven Pressfield!/notes/steven-pressfield/writing-wednesdays-28-depth-of-work/326917168391 that he got from a book by Michael Bungay Stanier called Do More Great Work about the three kinds of work we all do: bad work, good work, and great work. I do lots of good work, washing the sheets, calling my agent, auditioning, making dinner, but not very much great work. Great work is working deep, working risky - I'm-flying-and-I-don't-know-where-I'm-going-to-land-but-it-feels-really-good work. As I see it, that kind of work can morph into simply good work, as it becomes familiar or routine. It changes from person to person, from day to day. I have a feeling that writing may be this kind of work for me right now or may lead me into more great work. Fun.

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